Who We Are.

Insignia is a customer relationship management service that uses AI to help companies manage their customer data, business strategies, and promotions. Our mission is to help companies improve their business performance by providing them with a better understanding of their customers' needs and behaviors.

We provide our clients with a framework called ELITE, which allows us to provide them with expert-level assistance in the fields of deep learning, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Our Vision and Mission.

The Vision

To be a globally recognize company through its produt. process and impact

The Mission

To enable brand connection with its consumer and creating relationship that matters through innovation

The Team.

Our exceptional team of experts brings over a decade of unparalleled experience in technology and digital marketing, seamlessly blending tech-savvy with market insight to deliver innovative solutions that drive growth, success, and maximum results for your business.

Richard Ho.
Richard Ho.Co-Founder of SALT & Insignia 17 years experience in Digital Technology
Ray Adriyanto
Ray Adriyanto20+ Years experience in Project Management, Technology, Data & Analytics
Guta Saputra
Guta Saputra12+ Years as Project Director & Head of Product combining his Technology knowledge with Marketing expertise
Bryan Goenawan
Bryan Goenawan12 years experience in UX / UI Design, Creative & CRM Strategy
Adhitya Cahyadi
Adhitya Cahyadi8 years experience in Business Analytics & Product Development

Insignia Expands its Product Line with Markethac and Dialox

Supercharge your business growth with our pair of high-impact service products. Dialox, our first offering, is an omnichannel platform that generates rapid increases in sales, conversions, and direct website engagement for customers. Completing the picture is Markethac, a cutting-edge data commerce analytic platform, empowering data-driven decision making with advanced features and comprehensive insights for accelerated progress.